Disaster Assistance Programs

The Government of Canada's primary instruments for responding to the financial needs of provinces and territories in the wake of major natural disasters are the Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements (DFAA). However, several other forms of assistance may be available, from both the federal and provincial/territorial governments to address certain needs or aid specific economic and social sectors affected by a disaster.

Within Canada, emergency management responsibilities are shared by federal, provincial and territorial governments, non-government organizations, business owners and individual citizens. More information on Canada's approach to emergency management is found in the document Emergency Management Framework For Canada, endorsed in 2007 by federal, provincial and territorial Ministers responsible for Emergency Management. There are often strong relationships between long-term recovery from a disaster, effective emergency response and the prevention and mitigation of future disasters.

This webpage provides a listing of recovery assistance programs available in the event of disasters or emergencies affecting Canadian citizens, businesses and communities. The focus of this site is on recovery assistance within Canada, which includes actions to repair or restore conditions to an acceptable level. In responding to emergency events, municipalities and provinces and territories determine first response and how resources are allocated at the local level. Public Safety Canada and the federal government do not determine how these resources are allocated.

Federal Programs

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Provincial and Territorial Programs

At the January 24, 2005 meeting of Federal/ Provincial/ Territorial Ministers Responsible for Emergency Management, it was agreed that provinces and territories would continue work with the federal government to expand the inventory of disaster financial assistance programs. Provinces and territories have been invited to link their programs to the existing federal inventory. Alberta and Ontario are the first provinces to do so.




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