Emergency Management Public Awareness Contribution Program


Disasters in Canada are increasing in frequency and severity across the country. Recent disasters have cost tens of billions of dollars in damages and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. While all Canadians are potentially affected by the economic impact of a major disaster, studies have shown that certain groups such as lower-income families, which are disproportionately headed by women, the elderly, new immigrants and indigenous communities are more vulnerable to disasters.

To support a sustainable approach to strengthening emergency management and building resilient communities across the country, Public Safety Canada (PS) developed the Emergency Management Strategy for Canada in partnership with provincial and territorial governments after consultation with diverse stakeholders and Indigenous leaders.

As part of the broader strategy, funding has been made available under the Policy Development Contribution Program (PDCP) to help Canadians understand the risks associated with natural disasters and what they can do to prepare for weather-related emergencies.

PS is looking for national partners with proven experience and knowledge in communicating with vulnerable populations to strengthen emergency readiness in Canada. This funding will support Emergency Management stakeholders in reaching vulnerable, at-risk populations with critical emergency preparedness information that contributes to capacity building and education objectives at the national level.

Main Objectives

The Emergency Management Public Awareness Contribution Program was established to increase the level of preparedness and readiness of vulnerable groups to natural hazards. Funding recipients will be required to consult existing public awareness research on emergency preparedness and resilience in Canada (e.g., Survey of Emergency Preparedness and Resilience in Canada), link to existing public awareness campaigns (e.g., Flood Ready), and apply their own body of research, expertise in emergency management, and experience working with vulnerable communities to:

To be eligible for funding, recipients must also have at least five years of experience working with at least three of the vulnerable groups listed above.

Funding recipients are expected to work closely with Public Safety Canada in order to ensure consistency in messaging and approach, as appropriate, across projects funded through this program and other existing and complementary public awareness activities led by Public Safety Canada and the broader emergency management stakeholder community.


Eligible recipients of the Program include:

Funding Criteria

The Emergency Management Public Awareness Contribution Program has an allotment of $5 million available to eligible recipients over five years and for multi-year projects.

Maximum funding shall not exceed $1 million per year per recipient for a maximum of 5 years. Total government funding for approved projects will not exceed 95%. PS' contribution will be based on the total government funding received for the project. Applicants must demonstrate that they are able to provide at least 5% of the total project cost.

How to Apply

Interested organizations are encouraged to submit their application online. A complete application package consists of:

The Application Guide is available to assist in the completion of a proposal. Please read all sections of this guide before preparing your proposal.

Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered for funding.

The deadline for eligible applicants to submit proposals to Public Safety Canada for Emergency Management Public Awareness Contribution funding is October 10, 2019.

Contact Us

Please contact us at PS.PACP-PCSP.SP@canada.ca for assistance or to obtain an alternate format of the online application form. Program Officers are available to provide advice on the eligibility of applicants, activities and costs and to answer general questions.


Please note the Terms and Conditions of the PDCP have been modified for the purposes of this targeted process. The sections of the PDCP that have been modified include:

It is recommended that applicants review and refer to information in the Application Guide to ensure all requirements are met.

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