Organized Crime

Public Safety Canada's (PS) role in the fight against organized crime is one of policy development and coordination. Its work is guided by the National Agenda to Combat Organized Crime which was developed and approved by federal, provincial and territorial law enforcement partners.

Organized criminal groups are becoming increasingly sophisticated and mobile. Their activities now extend beyond the illegal drug trade and prostitution to illegal migration, trafficking of human beings, money laundering, economic crimes, cross border smuggling of counterfeit goods and even environmental crimes such as the dumping of toxic wastes. To effectively disrupt and dismantle this broad range of activities, law enforcement officials must now work together and call upon new partners such as computer technicians, forensic accountants, tax investigators and intelligence analysts.

Through its National Coordinating Committee on Organized Crime, PS brings together law enforcement agencies with federal, provincial and territorial partners to develop unified strategies and policies, ensuring a direct link between the law enforcement community and public policy makers. PS also ensures a high level of policy coordination with international partners.

Action against organized crime

PS is involved in the following initiatives:

Organized Crime Research

Working Together to Combat Organized Crime: A Public Report on Actions under the National Agenda to Combat Organized Crime

Canada-US Cross Border Crime Forum

A forum that brings together regularly senior law enforcement and justice officials and Ministers from various organizations in Canada and the U.S. to address transnational crime issues.

First Nations Organized Crime Initiative

An initiative that assists First Nations police services in addressing organized crime and cross-border criminality.

Integrated Market Enforcement Teams (IMETs)

Special RCMP units that detect, investigate and deter capital markets fraud.

Integrated Proceeds of Crime (IPOC)

An inter-departmental initiative that contributes to the disruption, dismantling and incapacitation of organized crime groups.

National Coordinating Committee on Organized Crime

A committee that brings law enforcement agencies and public policy makers together.

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