Regional Offices

Public Safety Canada has regional offices across the country located in all provinces and in the North. They are organized into five regions: Atlantic, Quebec and Nunavut, Ontario, Prairies and Northwest Territories, and British Columbia and Yukon.

Our regional offices provide support to departmental policy, program and operational areas across the organization, delivering core programs at the regional level, providing regional input and perspective, and supporting the coordination of federal responses to emergency events. Their networks of partnerships with provincial and territorial officials, other federal departments and agencies, and diverse communities and stakeholders, are essential to the Department's work.

Regional office locations

Regional Map

British Columbia and Yukon

Burnaby, BC

Victoria, BC

Prairies and Northwest Territories

Winnipeg, MB

Regina, SK

Edmonton, AB


Toronto, ON

Quebec and Nunavut

Montreal, QC


St-John's, NL

Charlottetown, PE

Dartmouth, NS

Fredericton, NB

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